Placido Domingo, Jr. Says Church of Scientology Attacking Him

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Composer Placido Domingo, Jr. claims that Scientology is “scary,” and that he is being attacked since formally leaving the church. He wonders if the same would happen to celebrity members Tom Cruise and John Travolta if they were to leave.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the son of the popular tenor Placido Domingo claims he was ordered by the Church of Scientology to “disconnect” from his ex-wife and daughters–since they had previously left the church. When he refused, they persisted, and he wound up leaving the church himself.

Now Placido Domingo, Jr. says that a Facebook message posted on the Church of Scientology’s page ordered all people with connections to the composer to “unfriend” him. More than 120 members of the church followed suit.

In addition, Domingo, Jr. says a blog appeared online, providing the general public with many details about his personal life, some of which were completely untrue.

“It’s an outrage,” he says of what he maintains is a blatant invasion of his privacy. “Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta. My God!”

Placido Domingo, Jr. says this is apparently not unusual for people who leave Scientology to be attacked or harassed by the church.

“They have people by the balls,” he says.

He claims his reason for speaking out against the Church of Scientology is to hopefully help others from falling for their frightening trap.

If these claims are true, then it would seem the Church of Scientology needs to explain the reasons behind their behavior. And Placido Domingo, Jr. does indeed raise an interesting question. Would they do this same thing if Tom Cruise or John Travolta were to leave the fold?

Different religions have different beliefs and different sets of values–and while people should at the very least be respectful of religions that aren’t their own, no one should be vulnerable to such attacks for simply having experienced a change in beliefs.

What do you think about this entire situation? Have you ever heard of the Church of Scientology doing this to other former members? Do you think Placido Domingo, Jr. is telling it like it really is?

Plácido Domingo Jr.

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