Plane Crash Austin, Texas into Echelon Building of the IRS! [VIDEO]

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Pland crashes into the Echelon Building in Austin, Texas with a huge explosion. Building 1 in the Echelon Building was hit by a plane in Austin, TX. It was a small plane hitting the Echelon building which caused a massive explosion. No worries about this being terrorist attack because it is not a commercial airliner. NORAD sent out 2 F-16 fighter planes in order to respond to the crash quickly. The damage the Echelon building sustained is incredible. Although it is early in the plane crash; however, only 2 people have been taken to the hospital. Law enforcement needs to time to investigate the causes of the small plane’s crash; however, they do not believe it is caused by a terrorist attack. However, it is possible that the small plane could have crashed the plane on purpose or it could have been an accident. Rumors are indicating that the pilot was mad at the IRS so he first set his own house on fire and then crashed into the building where the IRS is located in Austin, Texas. Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel are asking people to stay away from the Echelon Building and all roads around the Echelon building in Austin, Texas.

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