Planting a Garden~ Mothers Day Family Fun

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We were at my mothers house on Sunday for Mothers Day.   My mother and step father had already got the garden started earlier in the week with a few plants but then we picked up a few more things and while visiting on Sunday we got them all planted!

 My mother had already planted a few things in the garden.   They had broccoli, cauliflower, habaneros, onions, and a couple of tomato plants.  We got strawberries, tomatos, cucumber, zucchini, green peppers and some lettuce which we planted.  Then we also planted some green beans, corn, and raddishes all by seeds. 

I took several pictures of our planting the garden, and two of mom's farm cats, Buddy and Rufus, even wanted to help out!  Or supervise anyway.   Maddie had so much fun helping plant eveything! 

 Maddie planting a tomato with Grandmas help:



making a hole for another plant:


hubby planting some cucumbers:

planting beans:




kitty love:


I had David take a couple pics of me so I would be in some of them.

Me holding a strawberry plant:


And a few more of the garden being planted:


Now we just need a good rain!  I can't wait till we are able to pick all those delicious veggies to eat!!  Plus we will save a lot of money having our own fresh veggies and not having to buy them from the grocery store.

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