Plastered ‘DWTS’ Pamela Anderson Dating ‘Secret Life’ Greg Finley? Nasty!

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A plastered Pamela Anderson looked violently disheveled and unkempt after partying entirely too hard as she celebrated her return to DWTS on September 24th. Anderson will be joining other unique characters such as Bristol Palin as well as Kirstie Alley.

Is Dancing with the Stars looking for a motley crue this year? It appears the producers are ramping up for an exciting and dramatic season with these characters.

As Pamela Anderson, 45, entered the Trousdale Lounge, she looked breathtaking. She wore her hair perfectly tousled with curls and a hot and sexy white mini skirt. She looked classy, but smoking hot at the same time.

However, when the DWTS reality star exited the lounge, she appeared “disheveled and her makeup (was) smudged.” Had Anderson been crying? What could have happened in the lounge to so aggressively mess up the beauty of Anderson while in the classy lounge in Beverly Hills?

Was there a hanky panky going on with Greg Finley, the actor on The Secret Life of the American Teenager? He had helped to situate the totally drunk and messed up Anderson into her cab. After she finally got settled in the taxi, she promptly slumped onto the seat and passed out. She was really messed up! What in the world went on the Trousdale Lounge?

Will Pamela Anderson be able to handle the excitement and pressures of Dancing with the Stars? Can anyone keep her away from the boos at least during this next season of DWTS? Please! It appears Anderson struggles with either holding her liquor or knowing when to quit.

Is it possible that Finley and Anderson are in a relationship? What do you think?

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