Playboy for the Blind by Houston Nonprofit Radio Station Taping for the Blind

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Is there Playboy for the blind? Yes, right now Suzi Hanks records Playboy issues for the blind to enjoy. She is the first woman to hold the position for Taping for the Blind, and she’s been doing it for three years. She doesn’t even have to do it in a sexy voice. As she says, she’s a woman and she reads it, and that is sexy enough.

Hanks records the sexy magazine in a straightforward manner with no innuendo. She reads the entire magazine including the articles, jokes, cartoons, pictures and letters. In order to “read” the photos, she describes them in stunning detail. She works for Taping for The Blind, and is the exact type of reader the company wants.

Playboy for the Blind Reader Suzi Hanks says Each Model is Like a Snowflake

Here is Hanks’ description of Playboy’s Miss August, “Latina, brunette with dark chocolate brown eyes. She has long curly brown hair. … She is in the first photo sitting in the ocean. She has a very large grin on her face, pink lipstick. She has a small tattoo right over the small of her back over the dimple area that appears to be maybe some sort of tribal design. It is red. … Her legs are kind of crossed. She is sitting in the water. Behind her shoulder, down past her arm, you can see her breast peeking out. … There are no tan lines at all. She is not wearing any nail polish or jewelry or bathing suit or anything.”

She doesn’t get bored with her interesting job. The descriptions never get boring or repetitive. In fact, Hanks thinks each Playboy model is a like a snowflake – completely different from all the rest. What a beautiful description! Each model’s pose is different and each scenario includes different items.

The group, Taping for The Blind, is a nonprofit that records and broadcasts all types of periodicals for the blind near their Houston, Texas location 24 hours a day. The 3,000 subscribers use special radios to pick up the signal with no cost. The radio station is also available online, and it has been offering Playboy for at least 15 years.

This sounds like an amazing service that the group provides for the blind. Kudos to Ms. Hanks for reading Playboy for the blind for the past three years.

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