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Playboy magazine reading service is not some work-in-progress, but a service for blind men and women who enjoy the popular magazine.  It is a service offered to “Taping For The Blind” a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas.  The voice behind the project is Suzi Hanks who is proud to assist those with disabilities.

Playboy for the blind and Suzi Hanks

Suzie Hanks, once offered a spot in Playboy magazine, spends about an hour a week reading, in very descriptive detail, articles, news, comics, advertisements, and stories.

Using her experience in radio, Suzi Hanks brings the pictures to life, providing it with an organic experience, according to the Post Chronicle.

“It’s all about accessibility”, she says about this service for the blind.

“You have to be their eyes.. and that’s exactly what she is,” says the director of “Taping For The Blind”.

Playboy for the blind, more than just erotica

Suzi Hanks is not the first person to read Playboy for the blind.  It’s just that she is the first woman to do it.  And, according to her clients, she does it very well.

It is more than just an erotic voice on the other end of a microphone who provides a simulated voyeur experience in audio.  According to the director of “Taping For The Blind” and Suzi Hanks, it is a way to provide an enriching reading experience to those who are limited by a disability.  It is a way to provide imagery through the spoken word.

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