Playing a trick on Daddy can turn UGLY!

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I can be SO mean sometimes. :)

We were over at Stephy's best friends house, her mom is a hairdresser.  She was cutting Stephy's bangs for me.  She knows how much my hubby likes long hair and that he is very set in his ways, Stephy HAS to have long hair!  I love her long hair but have always thought she would look cute with a bob of some sort.  But, it's not worth fighting over, it's just hair.

Anyways, my friend said we should trick my hubby, she had seen where you put the long hair with a pony at the very bottom, tuck it under and clip it to the back of the head.  This trick proved that I was right, she looks adorable with a bob cut!  But daddy won't ever agree to it!






I sent the pictures to him on his cell phone.  Within 30 seconds I got the following text message (edited for adult content)…

"Are you BLEEPING kidding me?  Where is the BLEEP is her hair"

My friend and I were laughing SO hard!  I know it wasn't nice but we just couldn't help ourselves!  After we stopped laughing, I took another picture and sent it to him to assure him that she still had her long, beautiful hair.  (it looks a little messy because she had just finished wrestling and running around the house live a cavegirl)

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