PlayStation Network Down News: Sony Warns Hacked PSN Accounts Total 24.6M?

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More Sony PlayStation Network down news surfaced Monday afternoon. The total number of PSN and Qriocity accounts stolen by hackers of PSN jumps by 24.6 million after further investigation.

Get this—Sony says hackers may have stolen more accounts from its Sony Online Entertainment division. The operative word is “may have,” so don’t trash that PS3 console yet.

If there is solid evidence of a wider breach, the total number of hacked PSN accounts for PS3 and Qriocity subscribers will be over 100 million.

Of course, you’re probably saying, “Enough already!” If you are, you’re in the company of millions of other bewildered members of the once-trusted gaming network.

PS3 and controller at E3 2006At this point of the investigation into the San Diego hacking, nothing less than an indisputable report is needed from Sony after the firestorm of investigations began.

When the Sony PlayStation Network went down April 20, only 77 million gamers were in jeopardy of having their personal information exposed.

Sunday’s discovery is another layer of negligence that increases the angst of concerned subscribers.

The electronics giant also revealed this afternoon that hackers successfully accessed 12,700 credit cards in the data base.

An additional 10,700 debit-card accounts of non-U.S. gamers leaked as well. These accounts belong to the SOE games exclusively that included “Free Realms” and “EveryQuest 2.”

Following the discovery, the company immediately suspended live play on its SOE network. Go ahead; scream OMG! At this point, the headlines continue to pour in and new layers of the network debacle paints a dismal picture of how data leaked.

Currently, the Department of Homeland Security, congress, global governments, and the FBI are investigating one of the largest network security hacking on record.

With the Sony PlayStation Network down, what are you doing to get your gaming on? How should this calamity play out?

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