PlayStation Network Down: Sony Compensation Plan Needed in 10-Days Says Govt.

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As the PlayStation network down clock ticks, one government is giving Sony 10-days to respond to the hacking aka “external intrusion” of its database. It wants a full report on PS3 subscriber’s data status, and how it will compensate players.

The heat is on for the electronics giant under fire, for its recent handling of a data systems hacking from an outside source.

The resultant action placed sensitive data like credit card numbers, and other identifying information in harm’s way, and PS3 subscribers angry.

Trasparent Blue DualShockWith the PlayStation network down crisis in its 9th day, governments from around the world want answers from the Japanese service provider of PS3 and Qriocity formats.

One government is giving Sony 10-days to respond to the network outage from last week.

It wants a detailed report from the company on what led to the data breach, if subscriber data is safe, and how it intends to compensate customers of its service.

In a letter to the embattled company, The Law and Regulations Commission of the city of Taipei, Taiwan threatened to levy a fine against Sony between $1,041 and $10,408.

It seems like a small price to pay, and players experiencing the PlayStation network down nightmare would agree. The fine is inconsequential in the multi-billion dollar company. But it does in the court of public opinion ahead of a series of lawsuits.

Waving an olive branch is advisable to ward off legal jury verdicts and a further loss of its industry standing.

On another local level, the UK Information Commissioners Office, a watchdog agency for data privacy and security announced its investigation.

According to its statutes, a company that collects private data has a mandate to keep it secure. Obviously, that rule was breached, just like PSN subscriber data.

The fine, unlike in Taipei, is much higher. Data security breaches incur a $833,290 for the company. That is enough to get Sony’s attention.

In the wake of incendiary comments after it took the PlayStation network down, Sony said it would compensate paid members. However, it did not give any specifics. Now is the time to come forward. The clock is ticking.

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