Please DO Stop the Music: Time for NBA to Silence the Tunes

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It has become as prominent as Jack Nicholson at a Lakers game. As predictable as Randy Moss’ incessant whining to the media he supposedly despises. Why the most faced-paced American sport needs to “spice” up the action by playing music during live action is baffling. It cheapens the game and is an affront to those fans who go to games to (gasp) watch basketball.

The NBA is a showcase for some of the greatest athletes in the world. Yet there seems to be an emphasis on providing a more entertaining atmosphere. Yes, some teams have a difficult time drawing large crowds. But do NBA executives truly believe hearing Ke$ha sing about feeling like P. Diddy will make fans eager to see the Wizards take on the Cavs?

It always has been and always will be about winning. Granted, some markets have more loyal, less fickle fan bases than others. But Katy Perry letting fans know she kissed a girl and liked it has zero correlation to ticket sales.

Here’s a novel idea: if sales are sagging, try new promotions or the unthinkable–affordable tickets. The circus-like atmosphere where the public address announcer takes on the character of a ring master is annoying enough. If fans want to listen to music while they take in an NBA game, let them bring their iPod.

This may be the minority opinion but listening to Usher tell us about how the DJ’s got him falling in love again while Kevin Durant fights through a screen just seems out of place.

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