Plus-Size Mannequins? Alex LaRosa Starts Body Image Debate On How Fashion Should Be Displayed

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Why are plus-size mannequins not being used? That question has people listening to Alex LaRosa from Los Angeles. She has a problem with how plus-size clothing is displayed in the windows of retailers. According to Yahoo’s Shine blog post on Tuesday, the model has raised questions on why plus-size clothing is being put on thin mannequins. The fashion question has everyone considering how this might change style in the future and what it might do for those people who watch Hollywood fashion.

The American model suggests that retailers are putting size 14 clothes on size 8 mannequins showing unrealistic looking fashion to individuals who aren’t being appreciated for their curves. LaRosa points out that smaller mannequins are sending a negative message to customers.

Alex LaRosa has been making the rounds and talking about the lack of the appropriate sizes of lookalike women seen in the windows. Suggesting the unrealistic look of people with bigger figures sends the wrong message, the model hopes to have a discussion on plus-size figures.

The body image debate isn’t anything new, but this latest allegation has people shocked that the mannequins are so much smaller. When it comes to whether or not people have too much weight on their bones the debate is always big. Recently the plus-size┬áBarbie had thousands of people suggesting the dolls shouldn’t be made because it promotes obesity.

Do plus-size mannequins promote obesity? Well, that depends on who you ask!

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