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After Chicken and Dumplings

The firelog goes up like tinder.

I serve tea and homemade

peanut butter cookies.

We listen to the hammer dulcimer

on the stereo, my friend and I.

Atop the armoire, a balsa

mosquito stands poised

to bite a walnut Madonna.

Would you rather talk or write, I ask.

Write, says my friend.

Peruvian tapestries hang in

shadowboxes over the fireplace.

The fire snaps, crackles,  pops,

loud as an above-ground swimming

pool of Rice Krispies.

She leans on my chest and writes.

I can see what you’re writing, I tell her.

That’s all right, she says.

An African mask my daughter

made in school watches over the

mahogany music rack

my father made in shop class.

I ask her if she will be my husband.

Before you give me your answer, I say,

let me go put the Dutch oven to soak.

I read to her from my parenting book.

“For a snack, feed her four ounces

of milk and half a cup of cucumber spears.”

We have a good laugh.

Soon I will ask my oldest if she will

babysit while I follow my friend

home and make love to her.

My daughter wants her to live with us, but my

bed is too small and how would you

fit a three-bedroom house into half a closet?



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