poetry promt beach- poem entitled "junky beach"

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My bonnet fell into the sea

when I was trying to flee

away from the thousands of men

and there abusive pen

I threw it all into the sea

and there it will be

till it becomes rotten and broken down

then it will be eaten by the fish of clown

I threw into the ocean

my sofa and it's cushion

because I felt I needed new

but all this was not do

and the ocean is getting filled with crap

I went to the beach

like a leach

I left the beach my lunch

and when I was walking out I heard a crunch

below my feet there was a dipper, dog turd, and a chinese take out box.

That's when I relised that I had to clean up the ocean.

Clean up the sea.

Clean up the beaches for you and me.

I have to keep this world clean and free.

If I want to enjoy the beach and leave it for furture generations I need to clean up the beach.

So do your part

pick up after where you been

never leave something on the ground

be kind to mother earth for she is all we have

and we will always have fun a warm safe sands of the beach.

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I am a mixxed raced American. I am a devoted christian. I am very wacky and crazy but there is more to me to love.

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