Pole dancing in the name of Jesus

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Ok, so the words Jesus, pole, and dancing don’t usually appear together in the same sentence, and with good reason, but the Huffington Post’s @HuffPostComedy today tweeted the headline “Pole dancing for Jesus,” potentially opening up what could become a serious can of worms if certain people of strong belief were to catch wind of the situation.


The @HuffPostComedy Twitter update referred to a story that aired on Houston’s Fox 26 News about a dance studio in Texas offering the pole dancing classes under the guise of it having a Christian slant. The class is called Pole Fitness for Jesus and is taught by a former stripper.

According to Fox 26’s Kristin Kane, there are no crosses or prayer involved, just fitness. Studio owner Crystal Deans, told Kane she wanted to retain the part of her former lifestyle that she liked, and that she uses her classes to teach women to feel good about themselves.

The free, women-only classes, restricted to ten participants, are held on every second Sunday and a church program is required in order to get in. The pole dancing takes place to “upbeat contemporary Christian music” where the women come to “continue the whole worship thing” in the studio.

So letÂ’s review: women meet on second Sundays and perform pole dancing moves in super high heels to Christian music. There is no prayer or other form of fellowship/ritual associated with organized religious meetings, so where exactly does Jesus come into it?

Maybe it’s clever marketing or maybe there really is spiritual enlightenment to be found spinning with your leg wrapped around a pole in the name of Jesus. The real question is what would Jesus do about it if he were around today?

Pole Dancing for Jesus: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

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