Police at Occupy Oakland Shoot Protesters With Rubber Bullets, Injure Iraq Vet

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The police of Oakland, California have gotten a lot of attention lately, and it hasn’t been for anything good. Officers supervising Occupy Oakland shoot protesters with a number of projectiles and chemicals, including war vets, the disabled and the elderly.

One of the victims of the attacks was Iraq War veteran and Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen, who was hit by one of the projectiles, knocked to the ground, then carried away. He was not the only one injured, however; many other protesters were blinded by tear gas and hit with other projectiles. Oakland police initially denied the use of such weapons, but after the proof started appearing on the internet, they backtracked and admitted using “non-lethal rounds.” One image from Occupy Oakland’s Twitter feed says it all.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said little about the events except for a statement released on her Facebook page, commending officers for peacefully closing protesters’ encampments, demonstrating a sincere misunderstanding of the definition of the word “peaceful.”

It appears as though the Anthony Bolognas of the country have since made a road trip to Oakland to deal with protesters however they please. With few comments from the mayor, California Governor Jerry Brown or even President Obama, for now the police are given free rein to attack as they please, obviously attempting to bait the protesters into retaliating violently. However, the protesters so far have commendably refrained, and have voiced their determination to continue protesting peacefully.

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