Police Find Credit Card in Woman’s Vagina

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Ever thought your vagina was boring? Tired of its same routine functions and uses? Well luckily for you, some women around the nation have found new and exciting ways to use their feminine parts. Sure it seems a bit strange, but maybe these ladies are onto something the rest of the sane world hasn’t given a chance yet.

46-year-old Anne Marie Hernandez of Florida was pulled over Friday. Unfortunately she had just purchased around $5,000 worth of merchandise, which must have seemed as a sort of red flag to the officers. Come to find out, it was a fraudulent card she had used to buy these items. Police promptly arrested the woman, but not long after did they discover the woman had smuggled a fake ID and credit card in her vagina. Seems gross right? Maybe not, though. Maybe Hernandez is on to the carefree life of being a purse-free woman who isn’t slave to a handbag strap!

In addition to the recent arrest of Ann Marie Hernandez, aka Visagina, a couple of fighting fems were arrested for their disorderly and violent conduct. Police were surprised to find that one of the women had smuggled a knife in her vagina! Wow! Hey, don’t judge her. Imagine the poor sap who tries to force himself upon her in a dark alley with that thing in there!

So don’t fret, ladies, you can eventually say goodbye to the days where you had to match your shoes to your purse. Who cares about purses when you’ve got your own. It matches everything too.

(Photo credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

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