‘Political Animals': ‘Lost Boys’ Recap

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It’s the Christmas season on Political Animals and Elaine is overseas. She has a great time but returns home to an international crisis that leaves her in conflict with the Garcetti team.

T.J. and Sobriety

T.J. continues to work on his sobriety by participating in a support group. In the group he recalls some of the lowest points of his life especially his attempted suicide. He is also extremely excited as tonight is his club opening. This happiness quickly turns to disappointment when his dad, Bud, tells him he won’t make the opening and confronts him about his addiction. When a Congressman is mentioned as a guest on the list, Elaine then decides she won’t go to the opening either. About a year ago T.J. had an affair with this married Congressman. In fear of the story being leaked, the Congressman abandoned him which led to T.J. attempting suicide. When the Congressman does not come to the opening, T.J. overdoses.

Anne and Doug

Anne meets with blogger Georgia Gibbons. She puts her foot in her mouth by mentioning Elaine’s run for the presidency. When she tries to fix it, Georgia tells her she will publish the story but not use her as a source. Doug calls Susan to ask for help with the matter. Consequently, she meets with Georgia to tell her it is her story, and she has worked on it for a while. They play hard ball and it looks as though Georgia will publish her story the upcoming Monday. Susan tells Doug she will have to go to print and recommends Elaine resign. Doug begs Susan to share a byline with Georgia so the story for just a while. She agrees.

Elaine and the Presidency

Vice President Collier confronts Elaine in front of President Garcetti about her intent to unseat the President. She tells Garcetti she is loyal to him and begs him to save the boys stuck on a submarine. Garcetti tells Elaine to back off, that it is a problem for China. Later, Bud encourages Elaine to leak the story so she can be viewed as caring, and Garcetti as uncaring. Instead, Elaine tells Garcetti she will run against him and plans to resign in 48 hours. She says she will not resign however until the lost boys are rescued.

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