‘Political Animals': ‘The Finale’ Recap

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The final episode of Political Animals began with Elaine writing her letter of resignation, Doug in bed with his fiancé Anne, and both T.J. and Bud facing the media after T.J. is released from the hospital following an overdose.

Doug’s Infidelity

Doug meets with Susan to make sure she knows the one night stand was just that, one night. He then goes to shake Susan’s hand but she kisses him on the cheek instead.

At the close of the day, Doug asks Anne to elope with him. She says yes and they head off to get married. When the family finds out, they go after Doug and Anne and interrupt the wedding. In the end, Bud performs the ceremony and the two are married.

Elaine’s Resignation

Elaine reads her resignation letter to Doug which clearly expresses her differences with President Garcetti. Meanwhile, Susan and her co-worker conflict about running the resignation letter in the newspaper. So, behind Susan’s back, she goes to the Editor about the letter.

When he was boarding a plane, Elaine gives her resignation letter to President Garcetti who does not accept it. Instead, he asks her to run with him as his Vice Presidential candidate. He asks her not to decline as she did the last time. To solidify the offer, he puts his request in writing. Back at home, Elaine tells Bud about Garcetti’s offer.

Susan later meets with Doug again to try and decide what they will do being that Elaine’s letter will run in the paper. Doug confesses to Elaine that he had previously given Susan her resignation letter. He then explained how he tried to undo what he’d done but it was too late. He warns her that the letter will surely be published.

In the park Elaine meets privately with Susan. They have a candid conversation and Elaine pleads with Susan not to run the story as it will adversely affect Doug’s future political aspirations. Consequently, Elaine tells Susan about President Garcetti’s offer. For the sake of her children and family, she confides in Susan that she will accept Garcetti’s offer. Back at the office, Susan tries to get her Editor to stop the article, so she confesses to him that she’d slept with Doug, her source. In turn, Susan’s co-workers has the editor fired using their affair as the basis.

T.J.’s Home

T.J. is released from the hospital and moves in with Elaine. But, when T.J. tries to leave the house, he is stopped by a hired security guard. This leads to an argument with his grandmother who challenges him to take a close look at himself.

The Surprise

Lastly, Air Force One crashes and it is believed President Garcetti and others on board have not survived. Meanwhile, Vice President Collier seeks to take the oath of President. Elaine encourages him not to do it as Garcetti’s body has not yet been found. He follows her instruction and only temporarily takes office. Acting President Collier then asks her to stay on in her role as Secretary of State.

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