Politician Louis N. Magazzu Resigns After Sexting Nude Photos

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Politician Louis N. Magazzu has resigned from his job because he was caught sexting nude photos of himself to a Chicago woman he had never met. Similar to disgraced ex-Congressman Andrew Weiner, this career politician has reacted to after his nude pictures were posted on the internet.

However, this time it was not the national political scene. Louis N. Magazzu was a powerful South Jersey politician. He was serving as Cumberland County freeholder when his opponent, Carl B. Johnson, of Millville, put the pictures up on a website called magazzuwatch.com. However, he was once the chairman of the county Democratic Party. It is hard to tell if this incident tells more about Democrats and their personal lives or the Republicans and their tactics.

Freeholder Director, Bill Whelan, had asked Magazzu to resign three weeks ago after the nude photos first appeared and Magazzu refused. This afternoon the Freelander’s office received a letter telling of his resignation. In his letter Louis N. Magazzu wrote, “. . .[I]n my personal life, I did not always demonstrate the wisdom and balance that I expected from myself, and that the people of Cumberland County deserve and have every right to expect. As a consequence, a woman who I have never met personally, but have corresponded with on the Internet for several years, has recently shared some photographs which she requested and that were intended only for her eyes. I did not know that she was working with an avowed political enemy to distribute these pictures.”

Magazzu’s letter also stated his attorney would be looking into the release of his nude pictures to see if any laws had been broken by their release. He insists that no government services were used in his indiscretions. Should people believe him? Probably so, unless they paid the phone bill.

Is there a trend here with ambitious politicians and their fascination with sending nude photos to women? Maybe this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Is sending nude pictures of oneself more prevalent that one is first to believe? It just does not seem plausible that many women are this excited by nude politicians. The real losers here are the wife and five children of Louis N. Magazzu, as he joins the new ranks of nude models and ex-politicians.

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