politics of hope

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Sunshine and puppy dogs
playing with kite tails.
Rain showers and rainbows
on a happy summer day.
No need for dark clouds to
cause a moment's consternation.
No need for tears but to
moisten eyes at play.
Happy and healthy and filled with
buoyant energy.
No excuses for hatred, no
rationale for war.
Beautiful plotlines
merry singing dialog.
We don't need painful conflict
to make the crowd roar.
There's work enough, chores enough, 
logistics a'plenty to solve,
so many variables, so many
insights to involve.
Making a living that's lively and fun
can make use of all our energy and give
more for everyone.
There's so much to keep us
invigorated, senses keen,
not destroyed by inventing
stories hostile and mean.
Let us dance through our moments
in partnership, in clever form –
so much better to live happily
well fed, safe and warm.
(c) October 5, 2007 Laurie Corzett/libramoon

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