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There are, in this country and presumably in other countries too, a considerable number of people who live a polygamous lifestyle.  These people contend that such a lifestyle is normal, natural and legal (or ought to be legal).  Most (or all) of these marriages comprise one male and two or more females.  I’ve not heard of polygamous marriages consisting of one female and multiple males, however if the former is deemed “normal” then why not the latter?  One aspect of this professed lifestyle that I cannot fathom is this:  the number of male children born is approximately equal to the number of females.  Hence it would seem that nature has made provision for the paring of people into one male and one female unions.  If polygamy were generally accepted and practiced would that not lead to a great surplus of unmarried men, or conversely a great shortage of marriageable females?  How does the practice of polygamy conform to the laws of nature?  Another, but less important question is, why do men, or some men, want more than one wife?  Are there other than purely prurient reasons?

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