Poonam Pandey Hot Nude Twitter Photo Possibly a Fake Image?

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A new Poonam Pandey hot nude Twitter photo emerged just days ago to celebrate the huge victory by Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders cricket team. However, some are now criticizing or scrutinizing the naked photo as a possible fake image.

The naked Poonam photo that first emerged shows the model and aspiring actress laying on her stomach, wearing nothing but high heels and jewelry. It’s not necessarily a completely nude image in the vein of Playboy, but more in the style of what Americans are used to seeing in Maxim or other magazines of that nature. However, some are now calling out Poonam’s shot as photoshopped.

The Times of India notes that Pandey had been doing photos for a shoot in a black bikini, and they show evidence of at least two others with her “dressed.” It’s speculated that possibly the naked shot she posted on Twitter was one in which she was laying down with the bikini on, and edited it out.

One Bollywood PR guru, Dale Bhagragar, came to her defense saying:

“Photographs speak for themselves. The old and new pictures are definitely from the same shoot and done at the same place.

But let us also give the benefit of doubt to Ms Pandey, before pouncing on her. For all you know, she might just have decided to do away with her costume for a shot after doing the bikini pictures.”

The major thing working against Poonam Pandey with her latest Twitter publicity stunt is her compulsive lying streak, as TOI reports. Among those lies were that she had rejected 30 film offers, that she had been offered a large amount of money to do “Bigg Boss 5,” and that a major role had been given to her in the movie “Jism.” It turns out all of her claims were merely attempts at attention, which it seems Poonam enjoys quite a bit.

So is the Poonam Pandey nude photo a fake or not? Some fans are enjoying it, others criticizing, and many others, simply ignoring. For now, she’s found another way to grab attention and headlines, but will it end up being yet another false claim?

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