Poonam Pandey Hot Strip Pic Reveals Nearly Nude Star on Twitter

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A new Poonam Pandey hot strip pic has popped up on Twitter. The 19-year-old model and aspiring Bollywood star has finally made good on her promise, going nearly ndue in support of the Indian cricket team. India can use all the support they can get right now too!

Previously, Poonam Pandey had merely promised to strip, but now she’s taken action. According to Cricket Country, Pandey recently tweeted her support of the Indian cricket team saying “very time Team India takes the field, my heart beats faster. Come on India, Let d World kno we r No.1 ” Motivational Surprise” on its Way!” This makes good on the original promise to pose semi-nude.

She followed that with her revealing new picture (NSFW) which shows the star stripped down to her bra and underwear with a seductive look towards the camera. Pandey tweeted: “My Country, My Team….. Lets Win the World… Luv u all u muwwwaaaaaahhh!! Xoxo.” Talk about a way to inspire team morale, and a fine use of the Twitter social media platform!

Currently, India is struggling in its tour of England. The team is engaging in its 2nd ODI series after losing previous matchups to the England team. They’ll also be without their star player, Sachin Tendulkar, due to injury. At this point, getting inspirational tweets from these Poonam Pandey hot pictures may be just what they need. However, she may need to start making team visits to boost their spirits, as this team is in a serious slump!

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