Poor Jennifer Aniston, She Can’t Get a Break!

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Jennifer Aniston has always had it worse than Angelina Jolie. Granted, maybe she was happy with Brad Pitt, but Jolie swooped in and stole him. She finally finds someone new and now she loses her best friend Courteney Cox over him. Now, her mother, who Jen had been estranged from for 12 years, has a massive stroke. When will Jennifer catch a break?

Reportedly, Jennifer is extremely upset by her mother’s stroke, as she should be. Even though they had their battles, like all mothers and daughters, she still loves her mother and wants her to recover.

According to Radar Online, Jennifer is so distraught over her mother that she “broke down uncontrollably” at her bedside in a Los Angeles hospital. A source said that “Jen headed for the Los Angeles hospital the second she heard. Nancy is desperately ill, and it is no exaggeration to say people fear the very worst. She’s distraught. It was made more difficult because Nancy can’t really speak at the moment. There is plenty they’d like to talk about.”

Even though their problems are behind them, hopefully, Jennifer Aniston can fully forgive her mother if she hasn’t done so previously. It’s a very sad thing to see your parents getting older and becoming ill or frail. Jennifer Aniston may be a celebrity of the highest degree but she’s not exempt from the pain and suffering of normal everyday people.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Jennifer Aniston have something really good happen in her life?

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