Poor Nutritional Habits, High BMI…What the Heck???!!

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I’m kind of annoyed.  I had a WIC appointment for my two younger kids today.  Before I met with the lady I had to fill out a questionnaire for both of them.  They had the same one for ages 1-5.  Just some questions about eating habits, food likes and dislikes, activity levels.  No problem- I filled it all out honestly.  They both love rice, Jo isn’t fond of meat, Amara loves all meat, Amara isn’t fond of canned food, Jonas REALLY likes rice.  They like veggies, fruits and of course they love candy, but they are both limited to just a little bit a week, if that.  They never get fruit snacks unless they are 100% natural and real fruit (I would love a food dehydrator just for this).  The only sweet cereal they eat is frosted mini wheats (which they get only because it’s WIC-approved).  They don’t eat all organic and totally unprocessed foods, but they are far from being fed poorly.  Amara is given 1-3 cups of milk a day and Jonas is given less than 4 ounces on the days I give him any, beause I still breastfeed him.  She gets 2-3 small cups of juice a day and it’s almost always watered down to about half and half and he gets about 1 4oz cup a day.  Otherwise they drink water and when we are out to dinner she is allowed soda sometimes. 

When we went back the kids were weighed and measured.  Amara is 4 and weighs a little over 40lbs and is just under 40 inches tall.  Her BMI was measured to be in the 91%.  That is high, in case you don’t know.  She is my shorty- she is shorter than most kids her age and she is my chunky monkey.  She is by no means fat.  Her thighs are chubby and her calves are very muscular.  Everything else looks normal.  But no…according to their computations she is fat.  Or at a severe risk for obesity.  They lady asked me about her tv watching habits and activity.  As I am writing this she is riding a scooter and running.  She is probably saving some bugs and chasing a few butterflies, climbing something and playing in the dirt.  Inside she dances, runs, jumps and is constantly on the go.  Even when she watches tv she does it in motion.  Tv shows and movies become live action when she takes up the characters and pretends she is doing what they are doing.  Nothing is boring for her.  But I noticed a label when I was signing one of the papers- something along the lines of Poor Nutritional Habits, At Risk, High BMI. 

Jonas measured pretty well on the BMI scale but because I am choosing extended breastfeeding instead of giving him cow’s milk I am once again given the label of Poor Nutritional Habits.  Instead of breastfeeding him I should be giving him whole cow’s milk.  Ummm…that’s how my daughter is in her position!  Not entirely true.  I breastfed her for 2+ years too, but gave her cow’s milk as a supplement during the day when she accepted it because that is what they told me to do.  Now I’m a bad parent because she is overweight (no she is NOT). 

It seems I can’t do anything right.  UGH!

I don’t know if I need reassurance that I’m doing something right (I know I am), comfirmation that I’m doing something wrong(I’m sure I could be), or maybe I just need a hug. 


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