Poor sweet Pam, WWE, 10/31/12, Victim

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Pam was a sweet, sweet girl; full of laughter and joy – not a worry in the world. By day, she was a nurse, and by night, she freelanced as an exotic poetry reader in a dark, alley coffee shop.  Then she met Mr. Whipple…

Ok, hold on, let me back track a bit. 

Mr. Whipple grew up in the homes of millions of television consumers that bought into squeezing Charmin toilet paper.  For years, Mr. Whipple would beg customers to please not squeeze poor Charmin, but to no avail.  Slowly, the tension and stress of failing to convince customers finally took its toll; Mr. Whipple was admitted into a State Hospital for the mentally ill.  There he met Pam; sweet little Pam.

Pam believed in Whipple.  She knew that he believed in his cause and really wanted to help him recover and see that Charmin squeezing was all in fun.  She even tried to convince hospital staff that he was ok and should be released.  But they all knew he was a quack and could see poor Pam falling in love with crazy Whipple. 

One day, curiosity got the best of Pam and she snuck into a bathroom, and did the unbelievable.  She squeezed the Charmin.  Mr. Whipple knocked on the door and scared poor Pam.  He opened the door at her scream and caught her red-handed!  He was mortified.  He yanked the Charmin package from her hands and with eyes bulging bright red, he clubbed her to death with a toilet plunger. 

Mr. Whipple was never the same again. 

Poor, poor Pam. 


Challenge: Make me (meaning Pam – the little bluebird) your victim of deceit, gossip or a crime and include Mr. Whipple.

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