Popcorn Perfect Snack Food? May be Better than Fruit, Veggies

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Is popcorn the perfect snack food? New research suggests that this flavorful, crunchy treat may be packed with more antioxidants than fruits and vegetables. Can you believe it?

Popcorn Perfect Snack Food? May Be Better Than Fruit, VeggiesOf course, for popcorn to truly be a perfect snack food, it cannot be coated in butter, oil, and salt. Those types of toppings end up overcoming the positive health benefits that the snack provides.

Joe Vinson, the study’s author, said, “The hull is where the most nutritional goodies (polyphenols) are—not the white fluffy part.” While the white fluffy part is what draws you to eat the snack, there is no doubt that you ingest plenty of hull along with a bag of the crunchy food.

Popcorn has highly concentrated polyphenols because it is a whole grain and has low water content. Additionally, this snack is normally minimally processed, which helps ensure that a large quantity of the antioxidants actually make it to you when you eat it.

Of course, even though the snack has some health benefits, it shouldn’t replace fruits and vegetables in your healthy diet. However, if you are chosing between it and another type of snack, choose a minimally processed bag of popped corn that isn’t drenched in oil or some other unhealthy flavoring. You won’t be sorry. The fiber will help keep you full, and now the antioxidants may be helping protect your body against cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases as well.

How do you like your popped corn? Do you eat it often? If so, was it because you knew it was somewhat healthy, or do you just like it?

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