Pope Says not Everyone has the Right to Marry

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The Pope says not everyone has the right to marry. ThatÂ’s right, according to Pope Benedict XVI, marriage is not a given right.

On Saturday the Pontiff gave this message to priests. He advised them to do a better job at pre-marital counseling to ensure that marriages last. If a priest doesnÂ’t think a couple should marry, then they need to let the couple know because no one has an absolute right to a wedding. It is up to the priests to discern whether or not a couple is ready to enter into a marriage. This is rather shocking news, but you must remember that he is speaking only for the Catholic Church, and not the world at large.

The PopeÂ’s comments as to whether marriage is a right took place at the Roman Rota which is the tribunal that decides about annulments for the Catholic Church. When a couple gets a marriage annulment, the marriage never took place in the eyes of the Church, which also seems odd to those who are not in the Church because obviously the marriage happened.

The Pope said that better pre-marital counseling would help break the cycle of invalid marriages in the Church. Of course, not all problems that could lead to an annulment will be identified, but he believes that many can be.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. has more annulments in 2006 than the entire rest of the world combined. Do you agree with the Pope? Is marriage a given right? Do you think that the fact that the U.S. asks for so many annulments means something about the state of marriage here?

Pope Says not Everyone has the Right to Marry

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