Poptropica Cheats for Mythology and Walkthrough (Video)

Poptropica cheats for Mythology are of great interest to young gaming fans such as my children.  Poptropica cheats for Mythology are out right after we reported about Poptropica and Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie.  Did you know Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney is the executive producer and creative director of Poptropica?

Poptropica cheats for Mythology Island get you through the 12th full island game named “Poptropica Mythology Island.”  The player defends the island against Zeus, locating 5 objects through the island with a final battle with Zeus.

You travel back to ancient Greece in Poptropica Mythology Island with assorted beings from Greek mythology.  I remember doing an interesting report on Greek mythology in junior high so I know my kids will want Poptropica cheats for Mythology.  They’ll be hanging out with goddesses and gods while they fight ancient mythological creatures.

Various sources claim to have Poptropica cheats for Mythology to help players get through some of the difficult challenges.  My kids always ask me to buy those books with cheat codes but I don’t.  What do you think of using Poptropica cheats for Mythology?  I think I will let them figure it out the hard way.

Here are YouTube videos of Poptropica Mythology Island walkthrough 1 through 4:



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