Pornography Outlawed!

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Can you imagine pornography being outlawed in the United States?  They probably would not know where to begin!  Last week Viktor Yushchenko, President of the Ukraine, signed a bill into law that makes the possession of porn a criminal offense in that country.  I almost could not believe my eyes when I read an article stating the Ukraine outlawed porn.

So what exactly so they consider pornography in the Ukraine?  Sources quote 2003 prospective legislation defining porn as, “Pornography is vulgar, candid, cynical, obscene depiction of sexual acts, pursuing no other goal, the explicit demonstration of genitals, unethical elements of the sexual act, sexual perversions, realistic sketches that do not meet moral criteria and offend honor and dignity of the human by inciting low instincts.”

In other words, porn is subject to interpretation.  Further, the Ukranian Minister of Justice stated people who currently possess porn can keep it if it is for…catch this…”medical purposes”.

Hmm…that makes me wonder about the medical purposes.  A guy who can’t get readily excited for his wife?  Someone trying to get cozy with a cup for fertility purposes?  A diagnosed voyeur? 

Anyway, like or not, soft porn or outright porn is a part of our everyday culture.  I’ve turned off televisions, canceled magazine subscriptions and even covered my kids’ eyes when we passed billboards.

My feelings about porn are mixed since I’m a “live and let live person”.  Personally speaking, I’m not into spectator sports :)  As a Christian, I disagree with the concept of porn but don’t judge anyone else for indulging in it.  As a writer, I always abhor anything that limits free speech.  If I don’t like what someone else says, does, photographs, etc., I don’t have to read it.  They do have a right to express themselves regardless of my opinions, morals, etc.

What do you think?


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