‘Portal 2′ Review Mixed, But Masterfully Inspires the Imagination

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The “Portal 2″ reviews of the single weapon video game are mixed, but the product is brilliant, and deftly inspires the imagination where others have failed. The Valve creation has Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a competitor. Not bad.

Video games are now torn between the mechanical or functional side versus the challenge that goes along with creating something out of nothing.

Nowadays, the shoot-em-up plots that are clones of its predecessor are being replaced by cerebral games that allow for more imagination and skill — sort of what virtual reality was meant to be.

On the surface, it looks like not much can be had from a product that offers one weapon. It’s a far cry from “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” but just as formidable.

The “Portal 2″ review can be misleading if the critics have not allowed the video game to aerate like a bottle of fine wine.

Perhaps beginning with the not-so-good-news is a wise approach for this video game, because the rest is pure genius.

According to CBS News, the single player mode suffers from the meat and potatoes of the original, in that it terminates once you beat the game.

Because of that, it can be played like you’re in the HOV lane on the freeway. In other words, in just half a day, you are done. For $60, one would expect a bit more in the time department.

With the negative “Portal 2″ review out of the way, there’s smooth sailing ahead if one opts to play the two-player mode. This is where the party is, where the rubber meets the road.

Telegraph says the game is “tailor-made for two” in that there is a co-op feature that allows two blokes to team up and push the needle of imagination, deeply seated abstract thought, and personalized management of the environment.

Another positive “Portal 2″ review is that the gaming world’s most beloved villain, GLaDOS, is back and with more up his mechanical sleeve. Just like in the original, be prepared for humor to keep you engaged.

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