Possible Casting for Upcoming Torchwood Season – Who Are the New Characters?

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American fans of Torchwood have always had to wait a little longer than UK fans to see new episodes.  That won’t be the case next summer when the series returns for more episodes.  The episodes will air next summer on both Starz and BBC One so fans from both countries will get to see them.

Getting Closer to Casting Torchwood: The New World

Michael Ausiello has reported that there are rumors of casting news for two of the new characters being added to the science fiction drama.  The two characters are Rex Matheson and Esther Katusi, both from the CIA.  Rex is described as “sharp-as-nails, funny-as-hell, tough-as-rawhide” and would rather make you remember him than make you like him.  Enver Gjokaj, known best for playing Victor on Dollhouse, and Chad Michael Murray, known best for playing Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, Tristin Dugray on Gilmore Girls, and Charlie Todd on Dawson’s Creek, are both rumored to play Rex.  Esther is described as “a grunt…[with] an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on Rex.”  Amber Stevens, known for playing Ashleigh Howard on Greek, is a main contender for Esther’s part.  Last time Torchwood fans saw the series, Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) had left Earth after his lover, Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) and grandson, Steven Carter (Bear McCausland) both lost their lives to the alien 456.  He left behind a pregnant Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) and her husband Rhys Williams (Kai Owen).

What do you think of these possible casting choices?  Will you be tuning in to Starz for more Torchwood?

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