Possible motive for Tulsa shootings!

One of the suspects’ father had been allegedly shot to death in April 2010, and this was the two year anniversary. A tipster line set up to catch the duo called in a tip that they had burned their white pick up truck used in the crime. One of the men just snapped, and his victims seemed to not have anything to do with the crime.

According to CNN, “At the house listed as the address for both suspects on their arrest reports, a couple who identified themselves only as England’s relatives said England’s father had been shot to death in April 2010, and England had been left to care for his 6-month-old child after his girlfriend shot and killed herself in front of him a few months ago.”

The pair face arraignment on Monday, and maybe then we will know more about what the relationship was between the two men, and why they chose these victims to carry out their revenge.

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