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Ah, are we noticing a pattern here, peeps?  Some mba/marketing types crammed into what is probably a pretty groady conference room are coming up with hooks to keep people busy on Facebook. Oh, that can only signal a demise of the early 21st century’s experiment in social networking if it’s not staying vibrant on its own.

But Facebook Trend III, borrowing from the Super Bowl’s use of Roman Numerals (who ever thought it ever would start using L and V??), after FB Trend I–post your bra color, and FB Trend II–post your doppelganger, is post the definition of your name from

And you just have to follow the money to realize that there is a deal going on here between Facebook and Who’s going to be next lucky Web site?

Still, here’s all you have to do: go to,  type in your first name, copy and paste this as your status, and put the first entry for your name under comments. And voila, kids! You can partake in just one more useless exercise on Facebook, taking up your time and energy away from the real important issues like the economy and global warming.

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