“Power Behind Scents”

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Scents elicit wonderful memories and remind us of special times – whether it’s the smell of your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies or the salt air on the beach where your family vacations. We want to hear all about the exceptional memories that scents have created for you and your family.

Take the “Power Behind Scents Survey” below:

  1. What inspires you when decorating your home? colors that make me feel safe and warm
  2. What are your favorite childhood scents? lemon and strawberry, and fresh cut hay
  3. What role do scents play in making family traditions in your home? I love the smell of lemon it makes the house smell clean, but I also love the smell of spices in the winter, it just makes the whole house smell like Christmas
  4. How do you keep your home smelling fresh and clean? I like to mop with lemon scented cleaners, open windows, spray a fabric refresher, and clean the kitty litter. I also like to cook some oranges in a pot with a bit of vanilla
  5. Describe your decorating style…Are you classic, French country, modern, etc. I think it depends but if I had to pick one? Country
  6. What fun home renovations projects have you started? Nothing yet but we plan to finnish the living room and our bedroom this spring.
  7. How do you make cleaning your home fun? Do you listen to music, dance, etc? Music and racing to a count down on the kitchen timer.
  8. Which Pine-Sol scent best describes you? Lemon Fresh, Orange Energy, Mountain Energy, Sparking Wave, Lavender Clean, Wildflower Blast, or Original Scent  Lemon Fresh
  9. What kind of home decorating tips can you share? If you have kids, simple, easy to clean, and sturdy pieces
  10. How do you involve your family in the cleaning process? We all have chores, but we also all help out one another if someone gets behind, or is not feeling well

To Take the Survey:

  1. Copy this entire post
  2. Click here to create a new post
  3. Paste this new post into the Gather post editor
  4. Fill out your answers for the questions above
  5. Include “Power Behind Scents” within the title
  6. Be sure to include pinesol as a tag
  7. Share your post with the Family group (family.gather.com)

By following all of the directions, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win one of ten Pine Sol bottles!

Surveys must be posted by March 20th. The winners will be announced on March 21st.


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