Powerball Results, Winning Numbers, September 3 Lottery Winners: Jackpot Skyrockets to $107M

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Saturday’s Powerball results and winning numbers are in! The September 3, 2011 Powerball numbers are, 15, 25, 52, 53, 54, the Powerball number is 2, and the PowerPlay is X 5. No one matched all six Powerball winning numbers last night, so the jackpot continues to skyrocket over $100 million dollars.

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In fact, the next Powerball drawing on Wednesday, September 7th, 2011, is worth an estimated $107,000,000, and ticket sales will grow exponentially with each drawing as players go on a lottery feeding frenzy. Some players wouldn’t dream of wasting their money on lottery tickets until the jackpot reaches $100,000,000. That’s when you see them in their local convenience store plunking down a $20 bill for 20 tickets!

It Pays to Play the PowerPlay!

Finally, another $1,000,000 PowerPlay prize! It’s been slim pickings with second-tier PowerPlay prizes lately. Only two lottery players matched all five Powerball winning numbers (but not the Powerball number), AND spent an extra dollar for the PowerPlay option since the Minnesota Morris’ won $228,900,000 on August 10th.

$1,000,000 Illinois Powerball Winner

Normally, a Match 5 + 0 Powerball prize payout would be $200,000, but if the lottery winner opts for a PowerPlay ticket, the prize automatically jumps to $1,000,000. Who wouldn’t want a million smackeroos in their pocket? The $1,000,000 Powerball winner purchased their winning PowerPlay ticket in Illinois. It’s still too early to know who the lucky lottery winner is, and this being Labor Day weekend, the final Powerball results won’t be known until at least Tuesday.

More Powerball Winners?

There were five additional $200,000 Match 5 + 0 Powerball winners in the September 3rd drawing. Too bad they didn’t spend an extra dollar on the PowerPlay option like the Illinois lottery winner did. Even still, $200,000 isn’t a bad haul. The Powerball winners purchased their tickets in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and two (2) in Massachusetts.

There were also thirty-nine (39) Match 4 + 1 Powerball winners for $10,000 each. Three (3) of those winners purchased PowerPlay tickets, and when multiplied by last night’s PowerPlay number of 5, these happy lottery winners will be accepting checks of $50,000 instead of the normal $10,000! Check here for more Powerball results.

Please Play Responsibly

Remember, playing the lottery should be fun, but sometimes too much lottery fun can be addictive and could ruin lives. Please play responsibly, and don’t spend more than you’re willing to lose.

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