Powerball Winning Numbers Drawing for June 1, 2011: Did Someone Win Millions?

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The Powerball winning numbers drawing for June 1, 2011 has now been made official. With so much money on the line, did someone win millions, or will the prize be an even bigger jackpot at the next drawing?

Those winning numbers are 08-18-38-46-56 with a Powerball of 31 and Power Play number of 4. According to NewsDay, there was at least one winning ticket sold at Maulik and Chandni stationery store in Lindenhurst, New York. That ticket was sold to a group of 20 employees at a Costco store in the Melville area. Their prize will be $200 million, before taxes, and before being split 20 (or more) ways.

It seems these days buying tickets as a group from an office or workplace is the way to go as it somewhat increases the chances, even though it decreases the total take. One of the employees who did not get in on the pool said after speaking to one of the winners she plans to keep working despite her newly acquired millionaire status. A lot of people seem to go that route, but would you? What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot worth millions?

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