Powerball Winning Numbers Results: October 13 Lottery Winners, Jackpot Climbs to $70M

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Did anyone win the Powerball on October 13, 2012? The answer to that question is yes, and no! The Powerball winning numbers were 2, 5, 25, 26, 49, and the Powerball number was 18. The jackpot was for an estimated $60,000,000 annuity. There were plenty of Powerball winners Saturday, but unfortunately no jackpot winners. If you were hoping to strike it rich, you’ll have to wait until next Wednesday and play again.

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Powerball Winners 10/13/2012

The saying another day, another dollar, just about sums it up with the way the Powerball drawings have been going lately. Saturday night’s drawing was just as disappointing as last Wednesday night’s drawing. Twice in a row with no jackpot or second-tier Powerball winners! None, nada, zippo, zilch! Not only were there no jackpot winners, there were no $2,000,000 Power Play, and no $1,000,000 winners either—like deja vu all over again!

Of course, there’s always good news with the bad news, even if last night’s drawing was such a bust. There were loads of lottery winners, they’ll just be taking home much smaller amounts. There were thirty-four (34) Match 4 + 1 winners in the October 13 game. Twenty-seven (27) of the third-tier winners won $10,000 each for matching four out of five white Powerball winning numbers, and the red Powerball number. The remaining seven (7) winners spent an extra dollar on the Power Play option which means they’ll have their prize winnings instantly increased to $40,000! It really does pay to play the Power Play in this case!

All together, there were 445,658 Powerball winners that won a total of $3,438,011 in prize money on October 13. The prizes ranged from $4 to $40,000. Were you one of the lucky Powerball winners?

When is the Next Powerball Drawing?

The next Powerball drawing is October 17 at 10:59 p.m. ET. Because no one won Saturday’s grand prize, next Wednesday’s estimated jackpot is now worth $70,000,000 annuity, or $46,000,000 cash-value. Maybe someone can win this time! The Powerball game is played in 42 states, Washington D.C. and the US Virgin Islands. The Powerball winning numbers are drawn live Wednesday and Saturday evenings.

Please Play Responsibly

Remember, playing the lottery should be fun, but sometimes too much lottery fun can be addictive and could ruin lives. Please play responsibly, and don’t spend more than you’re willing to lose.

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