Powerful Storms in Tennessee Killed Three People

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When powerful storms in Tennessee hit yesterday, they did severe damage. So far it is believed that the winds that tore through Cumberland County yesterday evening were the cause of the three deaths. There were two deaths in Cumberland County and another one in DeKalb County.

All day yesterday, Tennessee residents were warned and aware of powerful storms, potential tornadoes, 80 mph winds, hail and heavy rain. So far it has not been determined if the strong winds in Cumberland County were in fact tornadoes. A wind speed of 80 mph can do as much damage as a low-grade tornado. The damage will be investigated today to determine if it was straight-line winds or tornadoes. But when it is said and done, three people lost their lives.

The folks in Cumberland County, Tennessee Goderich Tornadoare left to deal with the deaths whether they were from powerful storms that produced tornadoes or straight-line winds. Homes were destroyed and power lines were down. But it was the loss of human life that caused the most pain.

The powerful storms in Tennessee are over. Today the sun will shine and the winds will be calm and the people of Cumberland and DeKalb Counties can mourn their losses.

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