PPOW Play on Words-ace\ Poetry Please Challenge- blemish

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A facecloth covers her disgrace. No embrace,

No solace can hide the birthmark of her soul.

Rosaceous, violaceous tentacles trace


Rapacious, boldfaced lacework, leaving a hole,

An acedia; a furnace of hate. She

Emplaces a full vambrace (fight not flight the goal);


An ineffaceable carapace for me,

Her shamefaced heart. Millraces terrace her cheeks.

She hides beneath this facemask; the world can't see.


By considering "them" straitlaced geeks and freaks

She can soar, be free of grimaces! Pretty!

Anyplace, everyplace, no matter, she seeks


Someone with a noble surface; no pity.



Terza Rima consists of tercets. Rhyme schemes=aba bcb cdc ded ,etc. You are allowed a final sentence to rhyme with middle line of last tercet.


This poem fits PPOW challenge- words with a c e, and Poetry Please Single Word Challenge- blemish

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