Prabhupada's Palace of Gold, Inside the Palace (Photo Essay Part II)

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In my first photo essay on the Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold, I showed you around the Palace grounds.


Shall we step inside now?

Once you’re through the door, turn around. You’ll feel as if you just stepped from a world of black and white into technicolor.

The windows are handcrafted stained glass as well as the door. There is gold leaf just about everywhere. The floors were handcrafted from imported marbles, there were 25 different types of marble used.



Turn your sights to the ceiling now. There are at least a dozen handmade crystal chandeliers within the Palace. They were crafted from crystal imported from Austria. The chandeliers go all the way down the hallway, and their color scheme matches the stained glass window that each one is mounted in front of.


The reception desk where you pay if you want to tour the inside of the palace. If I remember correctly, it was somewhere around 9 dollars a piece for the tour.

To the right of the reception desk you can look through an opening and you’ll see a window that leads to a room that appears to be covered in gold. The walls surrounding the opening are made of marble. The room the window leads to, is the bathroom. Even the plumbing fixtures were custom made just for the palace. (This is as close as I was allowed with the camera unfortuntaley). 

John got into a lengthy discussion about the plumbing fixtures with the guide, and the two of them slipped behind the rope to inspect the fixtures more closely. John got an extra special private tour of the facilities.

Here is where the tour begins. Here you must put cloth booties on over your shoes before entering the palace.

Notice the detail in the design of the flooring. 


Inside (were we can’t go with the camera) there are incredible oil paintings.

There is a throne where a wax statue of Prabhupada sits, all decked out in ceremonial clothing.

Prabhupada authored over 80 books in his lifetime. There is a library where there sits another wax statue of him, depicting him in his study writing, surrounded by a copy of every book he had written.

For our next stop on our tour, we’ll continue up the road to the temple grounds.

To be continued.

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