Predators movie trailer 2010 (YouTube video) – sequel stars Adrien Brody & Laurence Fishburne

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A new “Predators” sci-fi/horror film is on the way, this time with some big name actors attached.  During the first movie, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse the Body Ventura who were fighting a “Predator” in the jungle.  A sequel saw Danny Glover battling the alien creature.  There were 2 more sequels after that, both involving the classic battle of Alien vs Predator (2004, 2007). 

However now it’s a whole new battlefield with this reboot of the franchise.  The film directed by Robert Rodriguez is said to be a sequel to the first two movies, but not the Aliens vs films.  In the 2010 film, select individuals have been abducted by alien creatures.  These eight individuals include soldiers, mercenaries, convicts and killers who were brought to the planet to serve as prey for the planet’s residents, the predators.  The new movie is said to take place 13 years after “Predator 2″.

Starring in the newest “Predators” movie will be Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Laurence Fishburne.  It appears Troublemaker Studios is looking to woo movie goers into the theater with the allure of some Hollywood heavyweights.  Adrien Brody has recently starred in another sci-fi/horror flick with “Splice” while Laurence Fishburne (CSI) has also played his well-known Morpheus character in “The Matrix” trilogy.

You can check preview the official “Predators” movie trailer below via YouTube video.  The new film from Twentieth Century Fox will open July 2010.

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