Pregnant Angelina Jolie’s Horrific Cancer Scare

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Reportedly pregnant Angelina Jolie recently came clean about what really precipitated her emotional meltdown after completing her film In the Land of Blood and Honey. She was feeling ill. And all her symptoms pointed to cancer–the same form of cancer that killed her mother.

Angelina Jolie’s tearful “emotional collapse” after completing her directorial début film was not caused by stress, exhaustion, or secret domestic problems. It was caused by pure terror.

“Angelina began to experience abdominal pressure, pain in her pelvis, indigestion, loss of appe­tite and a lack of energy,” an inside source revealed, adding: “She also felt bloated and heavy.”

Although Jolie had never experienced such symptoms before, she recognized them as being similar to the terrible disease that took the life of her beloved mother. She became terrified that she too might be suffering from ovarian cancer. To make matters worse, she knew from her mom’s battle with the disease that when women experience such symptoms, it means that the cancer has already progressed. The early, curable stages of ovarian cancer are asymptomatic! So her panic wasn’t just idle paranoia. She feared that she not only had cancer, but that it was already too late. Hence her meltdown.

“I had a complete emotional break­down in the shower and Brad found me just crying,” Angie admitted.

Angelina Jolie had begun to feel ill during the final days of shooting her film. When she returned to L.A., she underwent a battery of tests. Fortunately, they were all negative. And now healthy and reportedly pregnant, Angelina Jolie is determined to celebrate life.

You go, Girl.

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