Pregnant Hilary Duff Can’t Wait for Baby: New Pictures

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Over the weekend, Hilary Duff went to a local dog park in Los Angeles with her husband, Mike Comrie to hang out while their pooch got to run around the park. Hilary is getting closer and closer to her due date and she looks as if she is ready to pop any minute when you look at her in a profile view. And according to the People’s Style Watch article title, Hilary cannot wait to have the baby!

So she is taking it easy with her husband, drinking some coffee over the weekend as they relaxed at the park. It looks as if she is taking it easy with this pregnancy. Hilary Duff was sporting a relaxing brown long-sleeved shirt, black tight sweatpants and a pair of dark brown UGG boots. She had her hair down and looked happy as she watched her dog play.

Duff has had a simple pregnancy with only minor cravings. However, one of the biggest challenges for her over the past few months actually had to do with her dog that needed emergency surgery before Christmas. But given the look on her face on Saturday, it looks as if her dog is back to normal so she can look forward to having her baby in her arms.

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