Pregnant Hilary Duff or Jessica Simpson — Who Will Give Birth First?

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Hilary Duff is pregnant and approaching her due date, supposedly, so is a very pregnant Jessica Simpson. 2012 continues as the year to watch these two celebs’ ever-expanding baby bumps! Which one will have their baby first? Judging from photos, it looks like it’s Jessica (she’s huge), but without knowing Hilary’s due date, it’s impossible to be sure.

Hilary announced she was pregnant with her first child in mid-August of last year. Was she already late in her first trimester at that point? If so, she’s almost past due! Jessica Simpson revealed her pregnancy in late-October 2011. And honestly, anyone who’s seen recent photos of Simpson can’t deny that she truly looks ready to pop any second.

Neither of the first time celebrity moms have publicly revealed their actual due dates, and with good reason: Their high-profile celeb status makes them magnets for paparazzi, and when Hilary Duff goes into labor, does she really want to get chased down by photographers as she and hubby Mike Comrie are rushing to the hospital? No way!

Famecrawler posted a series of photos of the Duffster and Jessica Simpson since they told the world they were preggers. Check them out, and then decide: Which of these beautiful moms-to-be will give birth first?

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