Pregnant Hilary Duff Spotted in 6-inch Heels: Smart?

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Hilary Duff can now officially have her name added to the list of celebrity women who have made risky fashion decisions while pregnant. After hitting several red carpet events in classy and cute dresses and gowns that alternatively accented and minimized the appearance of her baby bump, the starlet has taken a real misstep – literally. Recent photographs of the actress show her leaving a Beverly Hills restaurant in high heels.

Of course, these weren’t any old high heels. They were stilettos. Six-inch stilettos to be exact. Six-inch heels aren’t a healthy shoe for any woman to wear, particularly a pregnant woman who is already adjusting to added weight and attempting to provide the safest home/womb possible for her developing child.

Hilary Duff may be more famous for her work as a child star in the Disney stable, but she has done moderately well with her slightly more adult films and records while maintaining a seemingly level head that her contemporaries, such as Lindsay Lohan, never demonstrated. The fact she has now chosen to engage in a slightly more passive risky behavior makes one wonder about her thought process though.

Even more disturbing is the fact that Hilary Duff exits the restaurant, as seen in pictures at the Daily Mail, and walks to her vehicle in the heels without holding her husband’s arm, for support. She then hops into the driver’s seat to head home in the monster shoes. Way too risky for a mom-to-be.

Maybe Hilary didn’t think too much about the practicality of the footwear when she slipped the shoes on before leaving home and will leave them in the closet for the next few months! One can only hope that she does.

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