Pregnant Jennifer Aniston Tells Brad Pitt: ‘I Want You Back!’

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and alone … but maybe not for long.

The Friends actress was rumored to be pregnant after missing the Golden Globes this past weekend. Worried that she’ll have to raise the child alone because she’s on the verge of a split from baby daddy Justin Theroux, she’s turning to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, for help, Star (via is reporting!

“Jen impulsively called Brad’s cell. She didn’t expect him to answer, but he did,” a “source” tells the mag. “He was curt and said he was busy, but then he asked her what was up. Jen started crying and pouring out her heart about her problems with Justin. She finally blurted out: ‘I miss you. I want you back.'”

Jennifer is reportedly “shaken up” because she and Justin were fighting during their recent vacation because he didn’t propose over the holidays.

“Jen feels like a fool,” Star‘s source says. “The last thing she wants is to have to make a joint announcement — that she is pregnant and that she and the father have broken up.”

But Brad said during their conversation that he’s having problems with Angelina Jolie — giving Jennifer “false hope” of a reconciliation!

“Brad can be really stupid in not considering that these conversations leave her with the false hope that maybe they could have a future together,” Star‘s source says. “Brad tried to soothe Jen by confessing that he and Angie were also having problems. He thought it would help Jen see that all couples have ups and downs, but now she’s thinking he’ll leave Angie for her!”

Star reported just last month that Jennifer is pregnant with twins, so it’s not the most reputable tabloid around. And it should be obvious by now that she and Brad are never getting back together. In the now seven years since they split up, she’s had several high-profile romances and he’s had a bunch of kids with Angelina. According to multiple reports, Jennifer and Brad aren’t even on speaking terms anymore. So please, tabloids, give it a rest! Jennifer and Brad are totally over.

What do you think? Does Jennifer Aniston want Brad Pitt back? Are she and Justin Theroux on the verge of a breakup? Will Brad leave Angelina Jolie? Sound off in the comments!

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