Pregnant Kate Middleton Could Create Top Buzz Word in 2012

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A pregnant Kate Middleton could find herself buzzworthy in 2012. The Duchess of Cambridge is already a popular topic, but the word “Kate” could become the most-used word in the media, according to one survey.

The survey comes from Global Language Monitor out of Texas. According to National Post, the group surveys the English language, and feels “Kate” will be highly-used by the media in 2012. The first reason is if she should become pregnant with her and Prince William’s first child. They also believe that the fact the 2012 Olympics are in London will create further buzz, since Kate Middleton is an ambassador for the games.

To determine that “Kate” will be buzzing, the Global Language Monitor used a special algorithm. It tracks thousands of media outlets wordwide, in addition to social media and blogs. Kate Middleton become especially popular in 2011 when she officially married royalty with Prince William and the 2011 Royal Wedding. Should she become pregnant, Kate will be more popular than 2011 celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles or Aishwarya Rai, both of whom were expecting or gave birth.

Let the guessing begin! Do you think Kate Middleton will be announcing a pregnancy in 2012, or will it be another year or so down the road?

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