Pregnant Kim Kardashian Caught Drinking Alcohol? Twitterverse Aghast at Controversial Pics

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Some photos of Kim Kardashian have just appeared on the reality star’s Instagram account, and they have people all riled up. No, they’re not stills from a new sex tape of pregnant Kim with baby daddy Kanye West. They’re pics of Kim K. partying hard with her siblings and imbibing lots of alcohol while doing so. The online backlash has been both furious and immediate. Fans and haters alike were outraged by the sight of pregnant Kim lapping up the booze. But was she really drinking? And is she, in fact, really pregnant?

The truth is that although Kim was drinking a glass of wine in the party photos that she and Khloe posted on Twitter and Instagram in celebration of their brother Rob’s 26th birthday, she definitely was not pregnant. Before baby bump conspiracy theorists rejoice, the photos weren’t snapped on Rob’s 36th birthday. They were taken a year ago–long before Kim K.’s burgeoning baby bump was even a gleam in Kanye West’s eye. Kim and Khloe posted the old pics and then accidentally (on purpose?) forgot to mention just how old they were. Predictably, their oversight prompted a slew of outraged comments.

“Wtf!!!” tweeted one outraged fan. “Your drinking and your pregnant!! Wow what a great mom you’ll be!!!”

I thought pregnant people can’t drink,” scolded another, “why are you drinking?? are you even drinking? Btw congrats on your pregnancy!! Are you even pregnant???? @kimkardashian.”

Fortunately, other fans quickly caught on to the mishap and came to Kim’s rescue by posting explanations.

“What’s with the hate?” asked one voice of reason. “Not a huge fan but even if know the photos are from last year’s birthday celebrations so no she’s not out partying and drinking. God forbid she’d have a life and not get judged by internet bullies and juries.”

“These pictures are from @robkardashian bday last year in Vegas,” declared another, “so no @kimkardashian is not dumb u ar##hole.”

Ouch. So, there you have it. Kim’s not drinking. The baby, if indeed it exists is O.K., and all is right with the world. Until the next scandal.

The real question here is: Did Kim Kardashian and sister Khloe really forget to mention the dates of the drinking photos or was this little mistake just another ploy to create more drama?

What do you think?

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