Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Finds Great Cure for What Ails Her

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Kristin Cavallari is pregnant, and sporting a massive baby bump. As her due date approaches, she’s beginning to feel the strain that pregnancy can put on any woman. In Kristin’s case, it’s heartburn. Anyone who’s had a baby can probably attest to the fact that heartburn is a super common ailment that pregnant women just have to learn to handle. But as it turns out, Kristin’s got a solution!

Kristin and Jay Cutler are expecting their first baby this year, and recent photos show her rapidly expanding belly and her total pregnancy glow. She looks amazing, but apparently she’s been a bit uncomfortable. Indigestion and heartburn can hit pregnant women, especially those in their third trimester — and Kristin Cavallari is no exception. Fortunately for her, she’s found the answer: ginger candy!

Kristin recently tweeted, “I finally found something that helps heartburn!! Ginger candy chews. I got mine at whole foods.” That was her tip to her “fellow preggers girls.” She also followed up with a bit of advice a short time later on Twitter, saying, “Make sure it’s real ginger though. Not the tastiest things but whatever works.”

Ginger candy chews are fantastic for some people suffering from heartburn and upset stomach. Kristin Cavallari knows that first-hand, and she’s sharing that knowledge with the world. Hopefully the ginger continues to give her (and her pregnant followers) some much-needed relief!

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